Genotyping lab at Fargo, North Dakota

Crops and Traits - The Fargo lab is mainly working with barley, durum, hard spring wheat, and spring oat. We apply high throughput genotyping technologies to carry out genetic studies, and to assist breeders incorporating DNA markers in their breeding programs. DNA markers associated with agronomic traits have been developed and used in marker-assisted selection. The traits we focus on include quality traits and disease resistance to Fusarium head blight in wheat and barley; resistance to tan spot, leaf rust, and stem rust in wheat; net and spot blotch in barley; and crown rust in oat. Since 2004 the Fargo lab has established collaborations with geneticists, pathologiest, and breeders in the Northern Plains region incluing North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota, as well as small grains researchers elsewhere in the U.S. mainly through the funded research projects.

DNA Marker Type Used - The DNA markers we use include SSR, SNP, and GBS (genotyping-by-sequencing). 

Genotyping Protocols - The protocols we developed to perform genotyping experiments for marker-assisted breeding.

  • Sample Submission Protocols - This protocol provides instuctions regarding how to prepare and submit breeding lines to the Fargo lab for genotyping. Breeders can also follow this method to send dry leaf samples in 96-deep well blocks to Fargo.
  • Markers for MAS projects - A list of SSR/STS-based DNA markers used to genotype breeding lines at the Fargo lab.
  • Genomic DNA Extraction Protocol - The DNA extraction protocol has been adapated for using robot to process small grains samples in 96-well plate format.