International Triticeae Mapping Initiative
Last update 21 June 2005
About ITMI

ITMI, the International Triticeae Mapping Initiative, was conceived in 1989, originally as a five-year effort to develop RFLP maps for crops of the Triticeae, mainly wheat and barley. The mapping effort was organised around the seven homoeologous chromosome groups of the Triticeae for which co-ordinators were appointed. Additional co-ordinated topics included related diploid genomes, genetics of abiotic stress resistance, and Triticeae informatics (database and RFLP probe repository). Some 130 scientists are affiliated to ITMI.

The primary activity of ITMI is the holding of two annual workshops. The first of these traditionally takes place at the International Plant and Animal Genome Conference in January, the venue for the second is variable. The meetings are designed around specific topics in mapping and genomics, with invited speakers, and include summary presentations of topic co-ordinators. Management and planning sessions also form part of the workshops.

The activities of ITMI are organised by the Management Office, originally Calvin O. Qualset and Patrick E. McGuire, University of California, Davis, USA. In January 2001, as part of reorganisation plans, the Management Office moved to the Scottish Crop Research Institute. In 2004 the Management Office moved to the Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics. The ITMI Website is currently operated from the GrainGenes server in Albany, California.

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