Role of ITMI

ITMI was established to provide support in the coordination of research efforts in molecular genetics, genomics and genetic analysis generally in the Triticeae.  The broad aims are:

1. to ensure data and information on the Triticeae is readily available to all researchers,

2. to help avoid duplication of research efforts,

3. to provide a framework for accessing International collaboration,

4. to help keep Triticeae research at the cutting edge of genetic research.

In the past 2 years, the evolution of the genetics and genomics approaches brought the ITMI to revise its organization and move from a "top down" approach in which coordinators of the 7 specific areas defined by ITMI were in charge of keeping the international community aware of research activity in their area, helping stimulate discussion and exchange of ideas and plans and facilitating International research collaborations into a more "bottom up" approach in which focused groups are organizing initiatives and consortia to develop a specific research area.

Thus, to date there are 3 initiatives that have emerged and are coordinating activities under the umbrella of ITMI. These are the International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium, IWGSC (, the International Barley Sequencing Initiative, IBSC ( and the International SNP initiative (

The ITMI is managed by an Overall Planning Group (OPG) with members who are rotating on a regular basis:

Current members of the OPG are

This group was established to maintain oversight of the activities of ITMI, to help with the organization of the ITMI workshops and to provide support for the focused groups.