Download Site for Wheat EST Data

5' EST data

The data files available for download include,

(1) 5' processed EST data in FASTA format organized by library.

(2) 5' raw EST data and their quality scores in FASTA format organized by library. The quality score files were generated by Phred program.

(3) wheat only processed 5' ESTs or rye only processed ESTs. Wheat only ESTs include EST data generated from hexaploid wheat, Triticum aestivum; diploid wheat, Triticum monococcum and Aegilops speltoides; and tetraploid wheat, Triticum turgidum.

3' EST data

3' EST data were generated during the process of validating ESTs used for the deletion mapping project. During this process, clones of interest were rearrayed into new plates for sequencing with each plate containing clones from various different libraries. Not all clones were validated. All the validated and processed 3' FASTA files are available for download and they are sorted by library.

3' Quality Score Files - The quality score files and their corresponding raw 3' FASTA files are also available for access. These files are organized by rearrayed plate numbers. The EST names used in these files are 5' EST names. To match a 5' EST name with its 3' EST name, strip the last letter or the letter after z or Z in both names. This letter code is used to differentiate 5' EST from 3' EST of the same clone. For letter code information, go to Wheat EST data page, Genbank Submission section.

A list of EST names with both 5' and 3' sequences generated and their genbank accession numbers is available here.

Trace Files : A site to download all trace files and detailed instruction how to do it.
Processed 5' EST Data : Processed FASTA files - organized by library
5' EST Raw Data and Quality Scores : Quality score files and their corresponding FASTA files - organized by library
Wheat or Rye Processed 5' ESTs
3' EST data : Processed FASTA files are organized by library, raw data are organized by rearrayed plate numbers