Wheat EST Data - a site to browse and download DNA sequence data. Both 5' and 3' EST data are available for access. Information on how to access dbEST/GenBank accession number is also included.

Wheat EST Assembly - a site to view EST assembly strategy and contig assembly information.

Triticeae Unigene Set - a site to browse information on Unigene set and download non-duplicated ESTs selected from Unigene set in this project.

Deletion Mapping Data - a site to view and download all the confirmed mapping data.

Database Query and Search - Two databases have been developed at Albany, CA that allow users to query and search ESTs and their BLAST results, contig assembly results and deletion mapping data. One database is ACEDB based. The other is wEST-SQL, a MySQL based relational database. Users can choose either database using your preferred query method to get desired information. Please also visit wEST for more links and information on database development.

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