Progress on EST Generation

Total number of processed 5' wheat ESTs generated at Albany, CA is shown in the following table.

EST SourceNumber
NSF Wheat EST Project90,016
USDA ARS Endosperm EST project5,183
ITEC ESTs9,647
Total EST Produced in Albany104,846

Detailed progress on total number of processed ESTs generated from each library can be found at cDNA libraries table. The average EST quality read length with phred score larger than 20 for each cDNA libraries is shown in the histogram below.

updated 08/28/2002

The majority of the EST data produced in this project is from 5' sequencing. During the course of screening for ESTs to be used as probes for the Deletion Mapping project, 3' sequences have been generated for probe validation. To access both 5' and 3' EST data and related EST information, please go to Wheat EST data. The total number of processed 5' ESTs and 3' ESTs submitted to Genbank is at 113,520 (as of July 22, 2003), among them 97,915 are 5' ESTs and 15,605 are 3' ESTs. To get the Genbank accession number for an EST, please go to this site.

For large-scale EST processing protocol, please go to this page. You can also download the Perl scripts we wrote for processing large-scale EST data.

Phrap analysis was carried out within each library and among all libraries to assess the level of library redundancy. These results are available in the Library Redundancy table.

Information and results on EST assembly can be found at Wheat EST Assembly page. For Triticeae Unigenes information, please go to Triticeae Unigene Set page.

To BLAST against all Triticeae EST datasets generated in this project, go to Local BLAST page.

All the 5' processed ESTs generated in this project have been searched against NCBI's nonredundant nucleic acid and protein database using BLASTN and BLASTX, to get the best hit or all hits of BLASTN/X results for particular ESTs, please go to Database Search site.

This page last updated August 1, 2003.