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Deletion Mapping Project

Acrobat PDF Files of Mapped Candidates to Bins (01/02/2002) - These were the posters shown at PAG-X in San Diego
One 36" X 40" poster for all 21 chromosomes
Information about Mapping with Missing Bin Data - BIN combination nomenclature
This information will be helpful for entering database entries more efficiently.
Upload - The site for uploading and viewing both image and scoring data.

Bin Assignment - This file updated on May 08, 2002 with modified bin names on chromosome 2BS and 4BL.A PowerPoint image file with both the deletion breakpoints marked and bin assigned on all seven groups of chromosomes.

Mapping Probes - List of probes sent to each of the ten mapping labs.

Mapping Probes Availability - Probes prepared at Albany have all been distributed.

Mapping Data - The place to view and query all the mapping data. The page also allows Mapping Coordinators to validate mapping results. To view and access the data set used for manuscript preparation, please go to this site.

Mapping Progress - Number of probes distributed to and mapped by each of the ten mapping labs. The status of mapping activity in each mapping labs as of June 8, 2001 is listed here.

Deletion Stocks - Deletion stocks used for this mapping project. A complet list of Deletion Stocks developed at Kansas State University can be accessed here.

DNA Samples and Gel Order - The order of DNA samples on gels, including samples on the fifth gel.

Protocols - Protocols developed at Bikram Gill's lab,
  1. Genomic DNA isolation method
  2. Southern tranfer procedure
  3. Southern hybridization protocol