• Introduction:
    What is NetVenn?

    NetVenn is a network-based web platform for the comparison and analysis of gene lists by combining Venn diagram and gene set enrichment.

    The tool can integrate gene sets with differentially expressed gene on interaction network.

    Power graph analysis is available for the gene lists network.

    No installation or registration is required. It works on any operating system with a modern browser and Javascript enabled.

  • Feature 1:
    Interactive network and Venn diagram

    NetVenn has an efficient graphic tool which provide a Venn diagram view for comparing two or more gene lists on interaction network.

    Clicking on any area in the diagram selects the corresponding nodes in the network.

  • Feature 2:
    Comprehensive annotation and user-friendly display

    NetVenn annotate the gene lists network by using enriched terms from multiple functional databases.

    The user-friendly viewer show network and annotation result together. Clicking any significant term selects the corresponding nodes.

  • Feature 3:
    Mapping differentially expressed gene

    In the NetVenn, user can mapped expression data in different condition to the gene lists network.

    User can select expression data by using NCBI GSE id or upload customized DEG data.

    In the network viewer, red nodes is up-regulated expression and green is down-regulated expression, different node size means the level of different expression.

  • Feature 4:
    Power graph analysis

    NetVenn provides the power graph analysis for the gene lists network.

    Power graph representation in the NetVenn is convert to compound nodes.

    By removing redundant information in the networks, Power Graphs lead to clearer and insightful visualization.

  • Feature 5:
    Integrated protein-interaction networks

    NetVenn archives protein-protein interaction data for several species.

    User can upload customized network for gene lists analysis.

    NetVenn is designed as a workbench where the user can assemble and analyze collections of gene lists and networks of interest.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about NetVenn, please feel free to contact: Yi.Wang@ARS.USDA.GOV
NetVenn works the best on browsers like Firefox 22+, Chrome 29+, Safari5.1+, Opera12+ and IE10+. Please report any compatibility issues to the developer.