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Current Datasets:
WheatExp: An Expression Database for Polyploid Wheat
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please contact either: Stephen Pearce or Hans Vazquez-Gross
1) Developmental timecourse in five tissues - Five different wheat tissues (Spike, root, leaf, grain and stem) each sampled at three different developmental stages, providing a broad overview of gene expression during development. Data generated from hexaploid bread wheat (var. Chinese Spring) by Choulet et al. 2014 Science 345:1249721.
WheatExp is a homoeologue-specific database of gene expression profiles for polyloid wheat. Expression levels are calculated from RNA-seq datasets comprising multiple tissue and temporal developmental timecourses. Query any target of interest using BLAST or search for a specific target by name or by functional annotation. For an example output, click "Sample".
2) Grain layer developmental timecourse - Tissues from different layers of the wheat grain at three different stages of development (10, 20 and 30 days after anthesis). Data generated from hexaploid wheat (var. Chinese Spring) by Pfiefer et al. 2014, Science 346:1250091.
3) Grain layers - A complementary set of grain tissue data taken from three layers of the developing grain (Outer pericarp, inner pericarp and endosperm) at 12 days after anthesis. Data generated from hexaploid bread wheat (var. Holdfast) by Pearce et al. 2015 BMC Plant Biology 15:130
4) Senescing leaf timecourse - A timecourse of early leaf senescence, from flag leaves at three stages (Heading date, 12 and 22 days after anthesis). Data generated from tetraploid durum wheat (var. Kronos) by Pearce et al. 2014 BMC Plant Biology 14:368.
5) Drought and heat stress - One-week-old seedlings were treated either with heat (40 deg C), drought, or combined heat and drought stress.  Whole seedlings were harvested at two timepoints in each treatment. Data generated from hexaploid bread wheat (var. TAM 107) by Liu et al. 2015 BMC Plant Biology 15:152.
6) Seedling photomorphogenesis - From two diploid wheat species, samples were harvested from dark-grown etiolated seedlings and light-exposed green seedlings. Data was generated from wild T. monococcum spp. aegilopides ( accession G3116) and domesticated T. monococcum spp. monococcum (accession DV92), by Fox et al. 2015 PLoS ONE 9:e96855.



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