Instructions for requesting TNP lines and Ac Transposase lines


Download the APHIS Notification for Interstate Transfer form. This form is largely complete. To initiate the process for requesting seed, please do the following:

  1. Fill in the information required for your particular request (indicated in red).

  2. Print out the form, and submit it to APHIS.

  3. Once APHIS acknowledges receipt of the notification and grants permission for seed shipment, send hard copies of the notification letter and of the APHIS acknowledgement letter to:


                                    Phil Bregitzer


                                    National Small Grains Germplasm Research Facility

                                    Aberdeen, ID USA 83210


or electronic files of the same to:


It is recommended that the notification be sent to APHIS via e-mail ( Please note that you will also have to send a hard copy, with a signature, to APHIS in addition to the e-mail file. The hard copy should be mailed to:


                                    Permits Branch                        

                                    Biotechnology Permits

                                    Biotechnology Regulatory Services

                                    4700 River Road, Unit 147

                                    Riverdale, MD  20737-1228    


It is recommended that you visit the APHIS website and thoroughly familiarize yourself with all pertinent regulations regarding the handling of transgenic plants. See the "User's Guide for Introducing Genetically Engineered Plants and Microorganisms" ( See also the regulations governing notifications at (