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Results1236 Records matching h* in Class Germplasm

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CRS-32-1151H 264-1-2-3-3-3H 671-100-1H-4258H. spontaneum T120
EUP-64-11H 264-1-2-3-3-5H 845H-44H.C. 40-95
HH 27H-1-11-3H-44/10*MarquisH.M. 3
H 1050-12-5-10-3H 29 A 13781H-2127 CIho13651H-54-121H.MOUL(MOR)/CHABA88
H 1104 SEL 47 687H 3502 CIho15223H-2164 CIho12157H-93-33H.O-FAO25918 IC77
H 1104 SEL 47 689H 49-24H-2170 CIho12163H-93-70H.REO
H 157a-4-12-8H 4A H 12703H-2180 CIho12172H. laevigatum (barley)H.RUIT
H 195-45H 582-175H-2183 CIho12175H. spontaneum 1B-87H.VAN
H 212-8H 59-13-9-5-7-12H-2213 CIho12204H. spontaneum BGRC41936H157
H 23 H 13385H 63-1140H-2227 CIho13064H. spontaneum Canada ParkH1890