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Results218 Records matching u* in Class Germplasm

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UUCUC44-111UFRGS 017004-2UH633
U.C.D. 262 CIho11852UC 205UC492UFRGS 01B7114-1-3UH638
U07-698-9UC 221UC66049BUFRGS 8 (oat)UHU
U1UC 353UC8825UFRGS 881971 (oat)UI DARWIN
U13UC 496UC90UFRGS 930605 (oat)UI Darwin
U16UC 544UC90 (rye)UGUI GRACE
U18UC1UC996610010, Yecora Rojo/Pavon Lr47UG.BWFUI Grace
UBILEINAUC1113 Yr36 Gpc-B1UdeUGSUI Silver