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Results1426 Records matching w* in Class Germplasm

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WW 38W 84-229W-504W00403 (oat)
W (eibull) 8388W 51BW 84315W-7984W00475 (oat)
W 1301W 7735W 87-017-44W-C 2440 PI438585W007
W 137BW 78BW-332W.S. 6W01159 (oat)
W 188-024W 80084W-335W.S. 3W02053 (oat)
W 188-083W 81-162W-406W.S. 6W02137 (oat)
W 237W 81-171-14W-408W00056 (oat)W02164 (oat)
W 2501W 81-362-5W-433W00058 (oat)W02165 (oat)
W 2502W 82382W-434W00276 (oat)W02167 (oat)
W 2691W 83-256W-444W0030EW034