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Results45701 Records in Class Germplasm

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ZIY_2ZL M2DZL M6AZlatka Monosomic 1DZlatka Monosomic 5A
ZJIZL M3AZL M6BZlatka Monosomic 2AZlatka Monosomic 5B
ZJKZL M3BZL M6DZlatka Monosomic 2BZlatka Monosomic 5D
ZKAZL M3DZL M7AZlatka Monosomic 2DZlatka Monosomic 6A
ZLZL M4AZL M7BZlatka Monosomic 3AZlatka Monosomic 6B
ZL M1AZL M4BZL M7DZlatka Monosomic 3BZlatka Monosomic 6D
ZL M1BZL M4DZLATJAZlatka Monosomic 3DZlatka Monosomic 7A
ZL M1DZL M5AZLATKAZlatka Monosomic 4AZlatka Monosomic 7B
ZL M2AZL M5BZlatka Monosomic 1AZlatka Monosomic 4BZlatka Monosomic 7D
ZL M2BZL M5DZlatka Monosomic 1BZlatka Monosomic 4DZLATNA DOLINA