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g genomeG-proteinsgaaa tetraloopgaeumannomyces graminis vargalactomannan
g proteing/C-richgab modelgaeumannomyces graminis var.triticigalactose
g proteinsg1/s cell cycle controlgabagaeumannomyces phialophora complexgalactosidase fusion protein
g x e interactiong6pdhgaba accumulationgaeumannomyces-graminisgalactosidases
g x e variationgagaba receptorgaeumannomyces-graminis-vargalactosyldiglycerides
g(ns)-l intergenic regionga 20-oxidasegabo 1blgaingalacturonic acid
g+c contentga insensitivitygabo 1bl.1rsgain-of-functiongalanthus nivalis
g-boxga responsegabo 1dlgal4galanthus nivalis agglutinin
g-proteinga-signalling pathwaygaeumannomycesgal4/vp16-uasgall midge
g-protein coupled receptorgaa-bandinggaeumannomyces graminisgalactolipidsgalophytes