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h genomeh-subunith3 genehabitathairs
h(+)-transporting atp synthaseh-transporting-atp-synthaseh31habitatshairy glume
h+ atpaseh.vulgareh4haemanthus endospermhairy peduncle
h+-atpaseh.vulgare subsp spontaneumh5 genehaematococca var cucurbitaehairy root
h-1-nmr spectroscopyh13 geneh6 genehaemoglobinhairy root cultures
h-3 ethanolamineh21h7h8 genehagberg falling numberhalepense l pers
h-bulbosumh2o2ha genehainanhalf-life
h-bulbosum lh2o2 accumulationha locushairhalf-sib family
h-ch genomeh2o2-producing enzymeha-locushair developmenthaloacid dehalogenase superfamily
h-isoformsh3habithairpinHalobacterium halobium