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o glycoside hydrolasesoatoat crown rustoat stem rustobsolete varieties
o resistanceoat (a.sativa l.)oat cultivarsoat strawoccidental
o-2-deficiencyoat (avena sativa l.)oat golden stripe virusoat transformationoccupational asthma
o-3oat (avena sativa)oat leaf protoplastsoat-maize addition lineoccurrence
o-acetylatedoat arginine decarboxylaseoat leavesoat-maize chromosome-9 addition lineochraceus
o-glcnac transferaseoat avenaoat phytochromeoatmealocs element
o-glucosyltransferaseoat beta-glucosidaseoat plantsoatsoct
o-glycoside-hydrolasesoat branoat rootsobesityoctadecanoid pathway
o-methyltransferaseoat chloroplastsoat seedlingsobjectivesoctal notation
o.sativaoat coleoptilesoat seedsobsolete cultivarsoctaploid amphiploids