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x chromosomex t-tauschiix-ray diffractionx-typexan-h-locus
x elytrigia-elongatax triticosecalex-ray microanalysisx/y ratioxantha
x environment interactionx triticosecale wittmackx-ray near edge absorption structure (XANES)xa-1xantha-h
x environment interactionsx triticumx-ray scatteringxa13xanthine dehydrogenase
x lolium-perennex tritordeumx-ray structurexa21xanthine-oxidase
x maizex-chromosomex-ray-crystallographyXa21xanthomonas
x maize crossesx-chromosome inactivationx-ray-diffractionXa4xanthomonas albilineans
x maize hybridizationx-radiationx-ray-scatteringxa4xanthomonas campestris
x rye hybridsx-ray analysisx-raysxan-f-locusxanthomonas campestris pv
x spelt populationx-ray crystallographyx-triticosecalexan-g-locusxanthomonas compestris