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Results17 Records matching t* in Class Map Data

T. boeoticum x monococcumT. turgidum, Omrabi5 x dicoccoides, QTL   
T. monococcum, DV92 x G3116T.dicoccoides, FHB QTL   
T. monococcum, G1777 x G2528T.tauschii   
T. turgidum, durum x dicoccoidesT.tauschii, Appels   
T. turgidum, JK x Cham1T1BL-1RS, Helios x Helami-105   
T. turgidum, JK x Cham1, 2Triticeae consensus   
T. turgidum, Langdon x G18-16Triticum, CS-G1777 DS1A^m^(1A) RSL   
T. turgidum, Messapia x dicoccoides    
T. turgidum, Messapia x dicoccoides, AFLP    
T. turgidum, Messapia x dicoccoides, SSR