GrainGenes Batch SQL Interface

This page allows you to query GrainGenes directly using SQL. Please click here for detailed information on how to use it.

Unlike our regular GrainGenes SQL Interface, this page can accept a list of names and restrict query results to only those items. Simply enter a "" query in the SQL box (or choose a Premade Query), then enter the names of interest in the lower box.

For designing queries, the four Premade Queries at the bottom of the menu may be helpful in exploring the GrainGenes schema.

Premade Queries:
SQL query:
  • End query with “where ... in” 
  • Enter list of up to 10000 names: 
  • One name per line
  • Click “Submit”
  •       Schema: Diagrams | Table definitions

    GrainGenes is a product of the Agricultural Research Service of the US Department of Agriculture.