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L'Helgouac'h CBLabhilili MLabuschagne MTLaddomada BLafferty J
L'vov NPLabhilli MLacadena VLadislav DLafiandra D
La Rocca NLaborie DLacaze XLadislav KLafitte C
La Rocca VLabossiere DLacey JLadizinsky GLafitte HR
La Rota CMLabourdette ELacey RELadogina MLagaron JM
La Rota MLabreton LLacka ALadogina MPLage J
Laarhoven LJJLabrie LLacomme CLadygin VGLagercrantz U
Labeikyte DLabrum KELacy GHLaemmli ULaghetti G
LaBerge DELabuschagne ATLaday MLaere ALagi L
Laberge SLabuschagne MLadbrooke ZLafever HNLago C