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Weir, BrianWesenberg, Darrell M.Wheat Gene CatalogueWilliams, CurtisWilson, Peter
Welch, R.W.Wesley, AnnieWhite, PamelaWilliams, H.T.Wilson, Robin
Wells, B.R.West, Dennis R.Whitford, RyanWilliams, Kevin J.Wilson, Winston
Wendehake, KatjaWest, TrevorWicker, ThomasWilliams, N.D.Wing, Rod
Weng, YiqunWestermann, T.Wiersma, Jochum J.Williams, Norm D.Winkelman, Dan
Weng, YuejinWestern, D.E.Wight, CharleneWilson WAWinn, Tom
Wenzel, G.Weyen, JensWilcoxson, RoyWilson, BillWinning, B.M.
Werner, J.WGRCWillars, KateWilson, DavidWinter, Bruce
Weschke WWGRC, KansasWilliam, ManilalWilson, DuaneWinzeler, Michael
Weschke, W.Whan, BryanWilliams, Christie E.Wilson, James A.Wise, Mitchell