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Results218 Records matching h* in Class Gene

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HH17 (Triticum)H24 (Triticum)h5l-1Ha-2 (Avena)
h (Hordeum)H18 (Triticum)H25 (Triticum)H6 (Hordeum)Ha-3 (Avena)
H1 (Triticum)H19 (Triticum)H26 (Triticum)H6 (Triticum)Ha-Brachy1-relic
H10 (Triticum)H2 (Hordeum)H3 (Triticum)H7 (Triticum)Ha2 (Hordeum)
H11 (Triticum)H2 (Triticum)H31 (Triticum)H8 (Triticum)Ha4 (Hordeum)
H12 (Triticum)H20 (Triticum)H32 (Triticum)H9 (Triticum)HAK4
H13 (Triticum)H21 (Triticum)h4Ha (Hordeum)hasA
H14 (Triticum)H22 (Hordeum)H4 (Hordeum)Ha (Secale)hasB
H15 (Triticum)H22 (Triticum)H4 (Triticum)Ha (Triticum)hasC.1
H16 (Triticum)H23 (Triticum)H5 (Triticum)Ha-1 (Avena)hasC.2