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Results37 Records matching l* in Class Gene Class

Lack of ligulesLeaf thioninLeucine-rich repeatLong awn 
Lack of liqulesLeaf tip necrosisLight greenLong basal rachis internode 
Lactate dehydrogenaseLeafy brachtLight green dwarfLong weak basal rachis internode 
Lax (long) spikeLectinsLigule and auricle lessLow number of tillers 
Lax (long) spike; five anthersLemma colorLigule developmentLow temperature related 
Lax (long) spike; shrunken endosperm xeniaLemma fluorescenceLiguleless and auricle lessLow-temperature pairing 
Leaf blade pubescenceLemma pubescenceLimit dextrinaseLycopene epsilon-cyclase 
Leaf margin pubescenceLemma waxinessLipid transfer protein  
Leaf necrosisLethalLipopurothionins  
Leaf sheath pubescenceLeucine aminopeptidase activityLipoxygenase