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P-loop proteinPhosphatasePhytochelatin synthetasePollen KillerProtein Z4
Pairing homoeologousPhosphodiesterasePhytochromePollen lethalProtein Z7
Panicle typePhosphoenol pyruvate carboxylasePhytochrome APolyphenol oxidaseProtein Zx
Partial incompatibility with H. bulbosumPhosphoglucomutasePhytochrome CPolyphenol Oxidase (PPO) ActivityPseudo-black chaff
Pathogenesis-related proteinPhosphogluconate dehydrogenasePhytoene desaturasePolyubiquitinPubescence on outer glume
Pectin lyasePhosphohexose isomerasePhytoene synthaseProline-rich proteinPubescent auricles
Peduncle developmentPhosphoribulokinasePink aleuronePromoters of awnsPubescent leaf
Peduncle lengthPhotosystem IPlastocyaninProtein kinasePurple anthers
PeroxidasePHYAPlumule colorProtein synthesis elongation factorPurple auricle
pH3 Soil tolerancePHYBPollen allergenProtein synthesis initiation factorPurple culm