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Salt soluble globulinsSeminaked karyopsisShrunken endosperm xeniaStarch binding in endospermSubtilisin inhibitor
Salt soluble proteinSeminudoidesSingle elongated internode dwarfStarch synthaseSubunit of tetrameric inhibitor of heterologous alpha-amylases
Sedoheptulose-1,7-bisphosphataseSensitivity to diazinonSix rowStem solidnessSucrose phosphate synthase
Seed pigmentationShikimate dehydrogenaseSix-rowed spikeSterile dwarfSucrose synthase
Seed proteinsShort awnedSmooth awnSterol esterification in kernelsSuperoxide dismutase
Self-incompatibilityShort crooked awnSmooth awnsStraw colorSuppression of gametocidal genes
SemidwarfShort culmSpeltStriato-virescensSynapsis
Semidwarf bracteatumShort rachillaSphaerococcumStriped 
SemiglumelessShort rachilla hairSpike glaucousnessSubjacent hood 
Semiminute (dwarf)Shrunken endosperm geneticSpring habit of growthSubnodal bract