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A family sortase SrtAABA inducible proteinABC transporterABC transporter substrate-binding lipoproteinABC-type multidrug/protein/lipid transport system, ATPase component
a-amyl mRNAABA mRNAABC transporter ATP-binding proteinABC transporter substrate-binding proteinABC-type transporter ATP-binding protein EcsA
a-amylase mRNAABA response element binding factorABC transporter ATP-binding protein - aspartate/glutamate transportABC transporter substrate-binding protein - sugar transportABC_transporter
A/G-specific adenine glycosylaseABA-inducible protein WRAB1ABC transporter ATP-binding/membrane spanning protein - multidrug resistanceABC transporter, ATP-binding proteinABI3-interacting protein 2-1
AAA-ATPaseABA-responsive proteinABC transporter CcbBABC transporter, ATP-binding/permease proteinABI3-interacting protein 2-1 protein
ABA 8'-hydroxylaseABC metal transporter ATP-binding protein MtsB-likeABC transporter membrane-spanning permease - glutamine transportABC transporter, N-acetylneuraminate transport system permease proteinABI3-interacting protein 2-2
ABA 8'-hydroxylase 1ABC metal transporter permease protein MtsC-likeABC transporter membrane-spanning permease - macrolide effluxABC transporter, periplasmic spermidine putrescine-binding protein PotDABI5 binding protein A1
ABA 8'-hydroxylase 2ABC metal transporter substrate-binding lipoprotein precursor MtsA-likeABC transporter membrane-spanning permease - sugar transportABC-transporter ATP-binding proteinABI5 binding protein B1
ABA binding proteinABC multidrug transporterABC transporter permeaseABC-type multidrug transport system ATPase and permease componentABI5 binding protein D1
ABA induced plasma membrane protein PM 19ABC multidrug transporter, putativeABC transporter permease proteinABC-type multidrug transport system permease componentabortive phage resistance protein