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B hordeinbacitracin export permease protein BceBBARE-1 retrotransposon proteasebasic pathogenesis-related protein PR5bcd135
B hordein precursorbacteriocinbarley B recombinantbasic region leucine zipper proteinBCH1
b-1-3-galactosyl-o-glycosyl-glycoproteinbacteriocin BlpM-likebarley protein Z homologbasic region/leucine zipper proteinBCH2
B-box transcription factorbacteriocin BlpN-likebarley stem rust resistance proteinbasic storage globulin proteinBCL-2 binding anthanogene-1
B-hordeinbacteriocin immunity protein BLpL-LikeBarperm1BAX inhibitor 1BDAI-1
b-keto acyl reductasebacteriocin peptide BlpC-likeBarperm2BAX.1beclin1-like protein
B1 hordeinbacteriocin processing peptidasebarren inflorescence2-like serine/threonine protein kinaseBAX.2beta 1,3-glucanase
B22EL8bacteriocin-like peptidebas1 proteinBAXI.1beta amylase
B3 type transcription factorbactoprenol glucosyl transferasebasic 12S globulinBAXI.2beta expansin
B3-hordeinBARE-1 polyproteinbasic helix-loop-helix proteinBBC1-like proteinbeta glucanase