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H(+)-transporting ATP synthaseHAK3HCBT-like putative PRheat shock protein 17.3heat shock protein HSP26
H(+)-transporting ATPase-like proteinHAK4Hd1-like proteinheat shock protein 20heat shock protein HtpX
H+-ATPaseHALF-1HDA6 (HISTONE DEACETYLASE 6); histone deacetylaseheat shock protein 26.6heat shock protein HtpX protease
H+-ATPase subunit CF0IIIhaloalkane dehalogenase family proteinHDT4 (histone deacetylase 13)heat shock protein 26.6Bheat-inducible transcription repressor
H+-ATPase subunit CF0IVhap5-like proteinheat shock proteinheat shock protein 60 family chaperone GroELheat-inducible transcription repressor HrcA
H-proteinharpin binding protein 1heat shock protein 101heat shock protein 60 family co-chaperone GroESheat-shock protein
HAD superfamily hydrolaseHBP-1aheat shock protein 15heat shock protein 70heavy-metal associated domain protein
haemoglobin apoproteinHBP-1bheat shock protein 16.9heat shock protein 80hedgehog-interacting protein
HAK1BHBP1 mRNAheat shock protein 16.9Bheat shock protein 90hedgehog-interacting-like protein
HAK2HCBT-like putative defense response proteinheat shock protein 16.9Cheat shock protein GrpEhelicase conserved C-terminal domain protein