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P-glycoprotein homologuep60 kataninpathogen induced protein 2-4pathogenesis-related protein homologpectinesterase family protein
P-type ATPasePAB1 (POLY(A) BINDING PROTEIN 1); RNA binding / translation initiation factorpathogen-inducible ethylene-responsive element-binding proteinpathogenesis-related protein precursorpentatricopeptide repeat-containing protein
P1pantothenate kinasepathogenesis protein 5pathogenesis-related protein, putativepeptidase U32 family large subunit (C1)
P3-41pantothenate kinase CoaApathogenesis related proteinpathogenisis-related protein 1.1peptidase U32 family small subunit (C1)
P3-42papain-like cysteine proteinasepathogenesis related protein 10pathogenisis-related protein 1.2peptide ABC transporter BlpC/ComB-like
P3-5PAPI mRNApathogenesis related-1PBF proteinpeptide chain release factor 1
P3-6para-aminobenzoate synthase amidotransferase component PabBpathogenesis-related proteinPDR-like ABC transporterpeptide chain release factor 1 PrfA
p34cdc2para-aminobenzoate synthase PabAPathogenesis-related protein 1PDR-type ABC transporterpeptide chain release factor 2
P450paratox phage proteinpathogenesis-related protein 10pectin methylesterase inhibitorpeptide chain release factor 2 PrfB
P450 monooxygenasePARTIAL CDNA FOR HEXAPLOID WHEAT DBEpathogenesis-related protein 4Pectinesterase familypeptide chain release factor 3