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t complex polypeptide 1tagatose 1,6-diphosphate aldolasetartrate dehydrogenase (ttuC)TCP2TCS sensor kinase
T-antigen-like fimbrial structural subunit protein FszCtagatose 1,6-diphosphate aldolase LacDtartrate dehydrogenase TtuCTCS response regulatorTCS sensor kinase CovS-like
T-antigen-like fimbrial structural subunit protein FszEtagatose-6-phosphate kinase / 1-phosphofructokinase FruKtasselseed2-like short-chain dehydrogenase/reductaseTCS response regulator BceRTCS sensor kinase protein ciaH
T-complex protein 1 epsilon subunit, putative / TCP-1-epsilon, putative / chaperonin, putativetagatose-6-phosphate kinase LacCtat binding proteinTCS response regulator CovR-likeTCS sensor kinase VicK
TaCBF11TaHLRGTATA binding protein (TFIID)TCS response regulator FasA/ComE/BlpR-likeTCS sensor kinase YesM-like
TaCBF14TAK14TATA binding protein (TFIID)TCS response regulator VicRTCS sensor kinase YvqE-like
TaCBF2TAK19-1TaWIN1TCS response regulator YesN-likeTCS transcriptional regulatory protein ciaR
TaCBF5TAK33TaWIN2TCS response regulator YvqC-likeTDGLU-A3-1
TaCBF6TaMADS 51-like proteinTCER1TCS senso kinase BceSTDRGA-1
TaCBF9TapTCP1TCS sensor histidine kinasetelomerase reverse transcriptase catalytic subunit