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Early leaf symptoms of scald...Elena BoykoExR 5R map  
Early leaf symptoms of tan spot...Elias and Nachit at 10IWGSExR 6R map  
Early leaf-spotting symptoms...English grain aphid colony on wheat head.ExR 7R map  
Early symptoms of barley stripe,...Enrique Suarez at 10IWGSEyespot lesion typical of...Psuedocercosporella herpotrichoides...  
Early symptoms of fusarium leaf blotch...Ergot bodies (sclerotia) of Claviceps purpurea....Eyespot lesions occur at or near the soil line...  
Early symptoms of septoria leaf blotch...Ergot sclerotia among normal soft white wheat kernels.Eyespot symptoms caused by Rhizoctonia spp....  
Early symptoms of water logging...Evans Lagudah at 9IWGS   
Early symtoms of net blotch...ExR 1R map   
Eduard Akhunov at ITMI 2009ExR 3R map   
Eggs on wheatExR 4R map