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Gale and K. Gill at ITMI97Gerard Branlard at ITMI97Grasshopper feeding on a durum wheat spike...Gupta and Sarma at ITMI97 
Galleon x Haruna nijo 1H mapGerry LazoGreenbug adult and nymphs....Gustafson and De La Pena at ITMI97 
Galleon x Haruna nijo 2H mapGill and Baenziger at PAG-VIGreenbug colony.  
Galleon x Haruna nijo 3H mapGill, Singh at IGROW 2003Greenbugs (Schizaphis graminis) act as vectors...  
Galleon x Haruna nijo 4H mapGlume blotch in heads of wheat.Greenbugs on a triticale leaf....  
Galleon x Haruna nijo 5H mapGoodwin and Edwards at 10IWGSGreg Penner at PG-IV  
Galleon x Haruna nijo 6H mapGoodwin, Elouafi, Hare at 10IWGSGrey blotch on wheat,...  
Galleon x Haruna nijo 7H mapGraham Scoles at 7IBGS/5IOCGreyish conidia of C. graminis...  
Gary and Judy Hart at 10IWGSGrain weevils taken from infested triticale seed.Group 1 map comparison, part 1  
General chlorosis and yellowing...GrainGenes staff, May 1995Group 1 map comparison, part 2