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Results17 Records matching h* in Class Image

Hahna KangHessian fly larvae and damage.   
Hans Braun at 9IWGSHigh resolution map of Rpg1   
Harold Bockelman at 7IBGS/5IOCHoneydew being exuded from...a barley spike...   
Head of barley destroyed...Hor1,2 BROWSSM autoradiogram   
Head scab of wheat...Hor1,2 SO autoradiogram   
Heavy infection of stem rust on triticale....Hyphae of Erysiphe graminis on rye.   
Heisel and Davis at 7IBGS/5IOCHyphae of snow mold...   
Helminthosporium giganteum...    
Henry and Shewry at 7IBGS/5IOC    
Hermann Buerstmayr at ITMI 2009