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L. Larka at homeLeaf blight on wheat,...Leaf symptoms of wheat spot mosaic...Left: Heads...infected...Right: Healthy head.Lr genes on 3B, 4B and 6D
Langridge and Penner at ITMI 2009Leaf blotch of oats, caused by...Leaf symptoms of wheat streak mosaic...Lesion on a wheat leaf...Lr genes on 7B and 7D
Large-spored variants of Ascochyta graminicola...Leaf enations and distortions...Leaf symptoms on oats...Lesions typical of those produced on wheat...Lr10 on 1A
Larger conidia of Alternaria triticina (10x40)...Leaf necrosis caused by drought,...Leaf symptoms produced on wheat by European wheat striate mosaic...Leslie Domier at 7IBGS/5IOCLu and Yen at ITMI97
Larvae on spring wheatLeaf streaking and leaf rolling...Leaf symptoms typical of those...Light-colored areas in spring barley..Lukaszewski and Garvin at 10IWGS
Later symptoms of wheat streak mosaic...Leaf symptoms of agropyron mosaic...Leaf-striping symptoms of cephalosporium stripe...Light-colored streaks on leaves...Luke Ramsay at ITMI 2001
Later symptoms of wheat striate mosaic...Leaf symptoms of barley stripe.Leather jacket larva on potato.Linda Cardle at ITMI 2001Lundqvist and Franckowiak at 7IBGS/5IOC
Laura E. Oberthur at PG-IVLeaf symptoms of rye grass mosaic...Leaves and spike of wheat with African cereal streak....Loci for days to heading and associated traits on 2DLuther Talbert at 10IWGS
Laurie and Dubcovsky at ITMI97Leaf symptoms of three different mite-transmitted...Leaves of wheat attacked by snowmold.Lower culms and roots... 
Lazo and Scofield at 10IWGSLeaf symptoms of wheat spindle streak mosaic,...Left: Bunted heads...Right: Healthy head.Lr genes on 2A, 2B and 2D