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Mackay and van Hintum at 7IBGS/5IOCMeiotic metaphase of a hybrid between Triticum cylindricum and T. tauschiiMore advanced leaf spotting...MWG52 SO autoradiogramMWG68 SO autoradiogram
Mackay, Skovmand and Endo at 9IWGSMenard and Paris at 8IBGSMormon cricket (top) and twostriped grasshopper (bottom).MWG546 SO autoradiogramMWG681 BROWSSM autoradiogram
Malterre and Beckert at ITMI97Mesterhazy and Lewis at 2005 NFHBFMoshe Feldman at 10IWGSMWG632 BROWSSM autoradiogramMWG688 SO autoradiogram
Maria Nemchuk at Taughannock FallsMeszaros and Karsai at ITMI97MWG11 SO autoradiogramMWG632 SO autoradiogramMWG69 SO autoradiogram
Marion Roeder at ITMI97Michael D. Gale at PG-IVMWG14 SO autoradiogramMWG645 BROWSSM autoradiogramMWG693 SO autoradiogram
Mark Jordan at 10IWGSMichalek and Close at 8IBGSMWG2025 SO autoradiogramMWG645 SO autoradiogramMWG696 BROWS autoradiogram
Maroof at PAG-VMichele Stanca at 10IWGSMWG22 SO autoradiogramMWG660 SO autoradiogramMWG706 SO autoradiogram
Martin Ganal at PG-IVMinella at 8IBGSMWG27 BROWS autoradiogramMWG67 SO autoradiogramMWG710 SO autoradiogram
Martin KellerMonika MessmerMWG30 SO autoradiogramMWG676 BROWSSM autoradiogramMWG733 SO autoradiogram
McGuire and Lafarge at ITMI97Moody at 8IBGSMWG52 BROWS autoradiogramMWG68 BROWS autoradiogramMWG758 SO autoradiogram