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p3'NTR SO autoradiogramPatches of powdery mildew...Perithecia of Pleospora species...Phaeoseptoria leaf blotch symptoms...Poor drainage can result in a build-up...
P87 x P105 1R-4R mapsPatrick E. McGuire at PG-IVPerithecia of Pyrenophora triciti-repentis...Phoma species developing on leaves...Powdery mildew attack of wheat spikelets.
P87 x P105 5R mapPatrick M. Hayes at PG-IVPerovic and Marcel at ITMI 2009Physiological leaf spots on barley leaves.Powdery mildew attack on barley.
P87 x P105 6R-7R mapspBCD1434Peter L. Jack at PG-IVPierre Sourdille at ITMI 2009Powdery mildew on barley...
PAG-IX SnapshotPc71 region of oatPG-IV Snapshot 1Pierre Sourdille at ITMI97Powdery mildew on wheat,...
PAG-XIII Snapshot 1PCR of Hvknox3 in the OWBsPG-IV Snapshot 2Pillen Barley Group, Bonn, 2001Powdery mildew on wheat...
PAG-XIII Snapshot 2Pecchioni and Tanzarella at ITMI97PG-IV Snapshot 3Pillen Barley Group, MPIZ, 2007Powdery mildew symptoms
PAG-XIII Snapshot 3Perithecia of Calonectria nivalis...PG-IV Snapshot 4Pinkish cirrhi of S. nodorum...Powell and Mather at 7IBGS/5IOC
PAG-XIII Snapshot 4Perithecia of Gibberella zeae...PG-IV Snapshot 5Pinkish-colored sporodochia of F. nivali...Preharvest sprouting in triticale spikes.
Paris and Lance at 8IBGSPerithecia of Phaeosphaeria nodorum...PG-IV Snapshot 6Pockets of stripe rust in wheat crop.Proctor x Nudinka AFLP autoradiogram