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Rai and Feys at ITMI97Robert Dumas de Vaulx at ITMI97Russell Eastwood at 10IWGSRZ272 BROWSSM autoradiogramRZ444 SO autoradiogram
Rajeev Varshney and Norman Borlaug, 2003Roberto Tuberosa at ITMI 2009Russian wheat aphid.RZ273 SO autoradiogramRZ455 BROWSSM autoradiogram
Raman at 8IBGSRoeder and Ganal at ITMI 2009Russian wheat aphids on a barley leaf....RZ296 BROWSSM autoradiogramRZ476 BROWSSM autoradiogram
Rasmusson and Smith at 8IBGSRoger Wise at PAG-VIRye chromosomesRZ329 BROWSSM autoradiogramRZ476 SO autoradiogram
Raupp and Devos at 9IWGSRoland von Bothmer at 7IBGS/5IOCRye spikes infected by F. avenaceum.RZ382 BROWSSM autoradiogramRZ567 BROWSSM autoradiogram
Rdg2a NILs in cv. MircoRon DePauw at 10IWGSRZ166 SO autoradiogramRZ390 BROWS autoradiogramRZ574 BROWSSM autoradiogram
Rehman at 8IBGSRonald L. Phillips at PG-IVRZ2 BROWSSM autoradiogramRZ395 SO autoradiogramRZ574 SO autoradiogram
Relatively large, black pycnidia of P. vermiformis....Rose grass aphid adults.RZ244 BROWSSM autoradiogramRZ400 BROWSSM autoradiogramRZ583 BROWSSM autoradiogram
RiceGenes staff, March 1996Rousset and Touraille at ITMI97RZ244 SO autoradiogramRZ404 BROWSSM autoradiogramRZ588 BROWSSM autoradiogram
Richard A. DeScenzo at PG-IVRpg1 transgenic barleyRZ251 SO autoradiogramRZ413 BROWSSM autoradiogramRZ599 BROWSSM autoradiogram