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Walther and Shaner at 7IBGS/5IOCWG241 SO autoradiogramWG605 SO autoradiogramWG996 SO autoradiogramWheat group 3 genes
Ward and Simmons at 2005 NFHBFWG282 KO autoradiogramWG622 SO autoradiogramWhat remains of a barley spike...Wheat Group 3, SSR, 2004
Warner and Pallotta at 10IWGSWG341 SO autoradiogramWG645 KO autoradiogramWheat chromosomesWheat group 4 genes
Waugh at 8IBGSWG380 SO autoradiogramWG686 SO autoradiogramWheat coleoptiles attacked by Septoria nodorum.Wheat Group 4, SSR, 2004
Weining and Jia at ITMI 2009WG420 KO autoradiogramWG719 KO autoradiogramWheat curl mitesWheat group 5 genes
Western corn rootworm immature (left) and adult.WG420 SO autoradiogramWG719 SO autoradiogramWheat curl mites (Aceria tulipae)...Wheat Group 5, SSR, 2004
WG110 KO autoradiogramWG466 KO autoradiogramWG811 SO autoradiogramWheat group 1 genesWheat group 6 genes
WG110 SO autoradiogramWG514 SO autoradiogramWG834 SO autoradiogramWheat Group 1, SSR, 2004Wheat Group 6, SSR, 2004
WG177 SO autoradiogramWG583 SO autoradiogramWG889 SO autoradiogramWheat group 2 genesWheat group 7 genes
WG180 SO autoradiogramWG605 KO autoradiogramWG909 SO autoradiogramWheat Group 2, SSR, 2004Wheat Group 7, SSR, 2004