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C.R. Academy of Science, U.S.S.R.Canadian Journal of BiochemistryCancer Biotherapy and RadiopharmaceuticalsCellular and Molecular Biology LettersChembiochem
CAB ReviewsCanadian Journal of BotanyCarbohydrate PolymersCellular MicrobiologyChemistry - A European Journal
CAB Reviews: Perspectives in Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Nutrition and Natural ResourcesCanadian Journal of Botany-Revue Canadienne de BotaniqueCarbohydrate ResearchCercetari de Genetica Vegetala si AnimalaChemistry of Natural Compounds
California Agricultural Experiment Station and Extension Service ManualCanadian Journal of ChemistryCaries ResearchCereal ChemistryChinese Journal of Biotechnology
California Agricultural Experimental Station BulletinCanadian Journal of Genetics and CytologyCarlsberg Research CommunicationsCereal Foods WorldChinese Journal of Genetics
California AgricultureCanadian Journal of MicrobiologyCaryologiaCereal News 4Chinese Journal of Science and Agriculture
Canadian EntomologistCanadian Journal of Plant PathologyCatalogue of Gene Symbols for WheatCereal Research CommunicationsChinese Science Bulletin
Canadian Journal of BotanyCanadian Journal of Plant ScienceCellCereal Rusts and Powdery Mildews BulletinChromatographia
Canadian Journal of Agricultural EconomicsCanadian Journal of ResearchCell Host and MicrobeCereal Rusts BulletinChromosoma
Canadian Journal of Agricultural ScienceCanadian Plant Disease SurveyCell ResearchCh'in Ling Hsueh PaoChromosome Research