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EcologyEnvironmental Science and Pollution Research InternationalEuropean Journal of ControlExperientia 
Economic BotanyEPPO BulletinEuropean Journal of EntomologyExperimental Agriculture 
Ecotoxicology and Environmental SafetyEukaryotic CellEuropean Journal of Gastroenterology and HepatologyExperimental Cell Research 
Eighth International Symposium on Pre-harvest Sprouting in Cereals.EuphyticaEuropean Journal of Mass SpectrometryExperimental Mycology 
ElectrophoresisEuropean Food Research and TechnologyEuropean Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences  
Empire Journal of Experimental AgricultureEuropean Journal of AgronomyEuropean Journal of Plant Pathology  
Entomologia Experimentalis et ApplicataEuropean Journal of BiochemistryEuropean Polymer Journal  
Environment and EcologyEuropean Journal of Cell BiologyEvolution  
Environmental and Experimental BotanyEuropean Journal of Clinical InvestigationEvolutionary Ecology  
Environmental EntomologyEuropean Journal of Clinical NutritionEWAC Newsletter