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FASEB JournalFood Additives and ContaminantsFood Research Internationalfrontiers of Plant Science 
FEBS JournalFood and Agricultural ImmunologyFood Science and Agricultural ChemistryFruwirth, Die Zuchtung der Landwirtschaftlichen Kulturpflanzen 
FEBS LettersFood and Chemical ToxicologyFood Science and TechnologyFuhling's Landwirtschaftliche Zeitung 
Feddes RepertoriumFood AustraliaFood Science and Technology ResearchFunctional and Integrative Genomics 
FEMS Microbiology EcologyFood BiotechnologyFood TechnologyFunctional Plant Biology 
FEMS Microbiology LettersFood chemistryFood Technology and BiotechnologyFungal Genetics and Biology 
Field Crops ResearchFood ChemistryFree Radical Research  
Florida Agricultural Experiment Station Quincy NFREC Research ReportFood ControlFrontiers  
Florida AgricultureFood Microbiologyfrontiers in Plant Science  
Folia Universitatis Agriculturae Stetinensis, AgriculturaFood Research and TechnologyFrontiers in Plant Science