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G3: Genes, Genomes, GeneticsGeneticaGenetics Selection EvolutionGeorgia Agricultural Experimental Station Bulletin 
GastroenterologyGenetica AgrariaGenetikaGeorgia Agricultural Experimental Station Research Report 
GeneGenetica IberiaGenetika (Belgrade)Georgia Agricultural Research 
Genes & Genetic SystemsGenetica IbericaGenetika (Moscow)Grana 
Genes and DevelopmentGenetica PolonicaGenetika a slechteniGrass and Forage Science 
Genes and GenomicsGenetical ResearchGenetika, U.S.S.R.Gut 
GenesisGenetical Research, CambridgeGenome  
Genetic EngineeringGeneticsGenome Biology  
Genetic Engineering NewsGenetics and Molecular BiologyGenome Research  
Genetic Resources and Crop EvolutionGenetics and Molecular ResearchGenomics