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IAEA Technical DocumentIn Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology-PlantIndian PhytopathologyInternational Journal of Biological MacromoleculesInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences
Idaho Agricultural Experimental Station BulletinIn Vitro Cellular and Developmental BiologyInduced Mutations in Plants: Proceedings of the IAEA/FAO Symposium on the Nature, Induction and Utilization of Mutations in Plants, Pullman, Washington, IAEAInternational Journal of Biology and BiotechnologyInternational Journal of Plant Breeding
Idaho Cooperative Extension Service BulletinIn Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology-PlantIndustrial Crops and ProductsInternational Journal of BiometeorologyInternational Journal of Plant Genomics
Idaho Cooperative Extension Service Current Information SeriesIndian Journal of Agricultural EconomicsInformation Bulletin, Centro Internacional de Mejoramiento de Maiz y Trigo (CIMMYT), Mexico, D.F.International Journal of Developmental BiologyInternational Journal of Plant Sciences
Idaho Cooperative Extension Service Miscellaneous Series BulletinIndian Journal of Agricultural ScienceInformatore FitopatologicoInternational Journal of Food MicrobiologyInternational Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology
Ikushugaku ZasshiIndian Journal of Agricultural SciencesInternational Archives of Allergy and ImmunologyInternational Journal of Food PropertiesInternational Review of Cytology
Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station BulletinIndian Journal of AgronomyInternational Genetics Symposia ProceedingsInternational Journal of Food Science and TechnologyInternational Review of Cytology - a Survey of Cell Biology, Vol 196
Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station CircularIndian Journal of GeneticsInternational Journal of Agricultural ResearchInternational Journal of Food Sciences and NutritionInternational Rice Research Notes (IRRI)
ImmunopharmacologyIndian Journal of Genetics and Plant BreedingInternational Journal of Agriculture and BiologyInternational Journal of GenomicsInternational Sorghum and Millets Newsletter
In vitro cellular & developmental biologyIndian Journal of Plant Genetics ResourcesInternational Journal of Biochemistry and Cell BiologyInternational Journal of Modern Physics CInternational Sugar Journal