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Rachis (ICARDA)Research PolicyRheologica Acta  
Radiation and Environmental BiophysicsResearch Program Report Purdue University Agricultural Experiment Station, Lafayette, IndianaRice Genome  
Radiation BotanyResearch Report, Georgia Agricultural Experiment StationRivista di Biologia-Biology Forum  
Rapid Communications in Mass SpectrometryResearch Studies (Washington State University)Romanian Agricultural Research  
Recent Research Developments in BiochemistryReview of Investigative Agriculture, Buenos AiresRostlinna Vyroba  
Referativnyi ZhurnalRevista de Investigaciones Agropecuarias, Serie 5Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University Yearbook  
Report - Welsh Plant Breeding StationRevista Fitotecnia MexicanaRussian Agricultural Sciences  
Report - Welsh Plant Breeding Station (Aberystwyth, Wales)Revue Canadienne d'AgroeconomieRussian Journal of Genetics  
Reports of the Agricultural Experiment Station, TokyoRevue Canadienne de PhytopathologieRussian Journal of Genetics (Eng vers)  
Research Bulletin - Iowa Agricultural Experiment StationRevue Canadienne de PhytotechnieRussian Journal of Plant Physiology