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SABRAO Newsletter, MishimaScientia AgricolaSeed Science ResearchSouth African Journal of BotanySouth Dakota Extension Service Bulletin
Sarhad Journal of AgricultureScientia Agricultura SinicaSeed TechnologySouth African Journal of Plant and SoilSouthwest China Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Sbornik UVTI Genetika a SlechteniScientia SinicaSeed WorldSouth African Journal of ScienceSoviet Genetics
Sbornik UVTI Z. Genetika a SlechteniScientia Sinica (Series B)Seiken ZihoSouth Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station CircularSpecial Report, Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station
Schweizerische Landwirtschaftliche ForschungScientific AgricultureSeminars in Cell and Developmental BiologySouth Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station BulletinStarch
ScienceScientific DataSeminars in ImmunologySouth Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station CircularStarch-Starke
Science Bulletin - Department of Agriculture, New South WalesScientific ReportsSexual Plant ReproductionSouth Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station Farm and Home ResearchStation Bulletin, University of Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station
Science in AgricultureSeedSoil Biology & BiochemistrySouth Dakota Cooperative Extension Service Fact SheetSveriges Utsadesforenings Tidskrift
Science in Agriculture Industry, New South Wales Department of Agriculture, AustraliaSeed ProteinsSoil Biology and BiochemistrySouth Dakota Cooperative Extension Service LeafletSveriges Utsadesforenings Tidskrift (Journal of the Swedish Seed Association)
Science in China Series C-Life SciencesSeed Science and TechnologySoil Science and Plant NutritionSouth Dakota Cooperative Extension Service Mimeographed CircularSymbiosis