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Tag - Ber., Akad. Landwirtsch. - Wiss. DDR, BerlinTexas Agricultural Experiment Station BulletinThe Journal of General VirologyThermochimica ActaTrends in Biotechnology
TaxonTexas Agricultural Experiment Station LeafletThe Journal of the Australian Institute of Agricultural ScienceTibtechTrends in Biotechnology (Tibtech)
Technical Bulletin, Agricultural Experiment Station, University of ArizonaTexas Agricultural Experiment Station Miscellaneous PublicationThe NucleusTidsskrift for planteavlTrends in Ecology and Evolution
Technical Bulletin, University of Minnesota Agricultural Experiment StationTexas Agricultural Experiment Station Progress ReportThe Pacific Northwest Crop Improvement Association BulletinToxicologyTrends in food science & technology
Technical Manual of the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA)The Botanical Magazine, TokyoThe Plant cellToxicology LettersTrends in Food Science and Technology
Technical QuarterlyThe Canadian EntomologistThe Plant GenomeTransactions of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE)Trends in Genetics
Technical quarterly - Master Brewers Association of the AmericasThe EMBO JournalThe Plant JournalTransactions of the British Mycological SocietyTrends in Plant Science
Tennessee Agricultural Experiment Station CircularThe Journal of Agricultural ScienceThe Plant Journal (Other name: Plant journal for cell and molecular biologyTranscripts of the Kansas Academy of ScienceTropical Agriculture
Tennessee Agricultural Experiment Station Farm and Home ScienceThe Journal of BiochemistryThe Plant journal : for cell and molecular biologyTransgenic ResearchTrudy po Prikladnoi Botanike, Genetikei Selektsii
Testing for Genetic Manipulation in PlantsThe Journal of Biological ChemistryTheoretical and Applied GeneticsTrends in Biochemical SciencesTsitogentich. issled. aneuploidov myagk. Pshenitsy. Novosibirsk. U.S.S.R.