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Agriculture, Ecosystems & EnvironmentAmerical Journal of Clinical NutritionAnales de la Estacion Experimental de Aula DeiAnnals of Agricultural ResearchAnnual Report of the National Institute of Genetics, Japan
Agriculture, PakistanAmerican AgriculturistAnals of Arid ZoneAnnals of Applied BiologyAnnual Report, Plant Breeding Institute Cambridge
AgronomieAmerican Journal of Agricultural EconomicsAnalytica Chimica ActaAnnals of Arid ZoneAnnual Review of Cell and Developmental Biology
AgronomyAmerican Journal of BotanyAnalytical BiochemistryAnnals of BotanyAnnual Review of Ecology and Systematics
Agronomy AbstractsAmerican Journal of Clinical NutritionAnalytical ChemistryAnnals of EugenicsAnnual Review of Entomology
Agronomy JournalAmerican Journal of Human GeneticsAngewandte BotanikAnnals of Plant PhysiologyAnnual Review of Immunology
Agronomy MimeoAmerican NaturalistAnimal Feed Science and TechnologyAnnals of Plant Protection SciencesAnnual Review of Phytopathology
Alaska Agricultural Experimental Station CircularAmerican Society of Baking Engineers, Annual ProceedingsAnnales d'Amelioration des PlantesAnnals of the Missouri Botanical GardenAnnual Review of Plant Biology
All-Russian Conference on Plant Breeding ReportAmino AcidsAnnales de Technologie AgricoleAnnals of the New York Academy of ScienceAnnual Review of Plant Physiology and Plant Molecular Biology
AllergyAnalele Institutului de Cercetari pentru Cereale si Plante Tehnice, FunduleaAnnales Universitatis Mariae Curie-Skodowska.Sectio E, AgriculturaAnnals of the Phytopathological Society of JapanAnnual Wheat Newsletter