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1AS, T.m. G1777 x G25285A, DS 5AEuropeAe. longissima, YxYBarley, 2012 9KSNPBarley, BxGP
1AS, T.m. G3116 x DV925A, DS 5AIranAe. umbellulata, 2017 ConsensusBarley, 2012 9KSNP v2Barley, Cali-sib x BowmanBC, QTL
1BS, CS x CNN5AL, CS q deletions, physicalAe. umbellulata, A x CBarley, 2017, IBSC Morex v1Barley, Cebada Capa x SusPtrit
1BS, durum x dicoccoides5AL, CS x CS-TDIC DS5AAegilops_tauschii_D_genome_2013Barley, 2019, IBSC Morex v2Barley, Consensus 2005, SNP
1DS, A.tauschii, AUS x CPI5AL, Vrn1 regionAvena_2013_SNPBarley, Abiotic QTL ConsensusBarley, Consensus 2006, DArT
1DS, Ae. tauschii5AS, T.m. G1777 x G2528Barley consensusBarley, Agronomic QTL ConsensusBarley, Consensus 2006, Marcel
2DL, Augusta x Geneva5AS, T.m. G3116 x DV92Barley consensus 2Barley, AxHs/QTLBarley, Consensus 2006, Stein
3A, CNN x WI5BL, CS, 0.75-0.79 intervalBarley consensus 2003Barley, AxKBarley, Consensus 2007, SSR
3A, SxY, QTL5DS, CS x RL5406Barley genesBarley, B73xCPIBarley, CxH
3B Physical5HS, Steptoe x MorexBarley genes 2Barley, BinMap 2005Barley, CxHs

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