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Durum wheat, Kofa x UC1113Wheat sprouting markersWheat, Courtot x Chinese Spring, GPWWheat, Nanda2419 x WangshuibaiWheat, PI 374670 x LMPG-6
Durum Wheat, NSGC LrWheat, 2013 9K ConsensusWheat, CS x CS-CNN DS1AWheat, NSGC YrWheat, Sphaerococcoid Genes
Durum Wheat, NSGC SrWheat, Arina x FornoWheat, FHB QTL, PhysicalWheat, NxB, FHB QTLWheat, SxS, FHB QTL
Durum wheat, Svevo x CiccioWheat, Avalon x CadenzaWheat, Finch x EltanWheat, NxC, FHB QTLWheat, SxS, FHB QTL, 2003
Rice/maize/wheatWheat, Chinese Spring x SQ1Wheat, Forno x OberkulmerWheat, P91193D1 x P92201D5Wheat, SynOpDH GBS 2013
Wheat AB, Carotenoid QTL, 2017Wheat, CIMMYT IntegratedWheat, GaleWheat, PhysicalWheat, Synthetic x Opata
Wheat C-bandsWheat, CM28xCM28TP, Pis1 QTLWheat, Grandin x BR34Wheat, Physical, ESTWheat, Synthetic x Opata, BARC
Wheat chromosome arm mapWheat, Composite, 2004Wheat, Klein Proteo x Klein ChajaWheat, Physical, Group 5Wheat, Synthetic x Opata, DR Genes
Wheat deletion-line binsWheat, Conan x ReederWheat, KyotoWheat, Physical, R GenesWheat, Synthetic x Opata, gbx RFLP
Wheat genesWheat, Consensus SSR, 2004Wheat, Louise x PenawawaWheat, Physical, SSRWheat, Synthetic x Opata, GPW